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This wordpress site was created as part of an undergraduate, independent study in photo-journalism at Pratt Institute. My recent interests in journalism, documentary film and field photography are the soul reasons why I chose to create this study along with this site. The purpose of this study was intended to further explore  contemporary issues and topics that could be relevant to students, New York residents, photographers or writers. Each story is covered in a feature article 1500-2000 words accompanied by op-ed. articles 700-1000 words long, further exploring an aspect of the feature story. Feel free to post comments and click around.

B I O –

      As an undergraduate photography major at Pratt Institute, I have recently focused my interests in photojournalism. My  current position as the General Manager of Pratt Radio has contributed to this interest,  however, my experience with story documentation through media reaches as far back as the 8th  grade. Through high school, my father was my media arts teacher for all four years. This gave  me broad access to some of the best video or sound equipment at the time. After trips visiting my mother’s family in Chile, I began to make documentary films while visiting; i.e. Chile’s economy and its history. These general documentaries later led to collaborations with classmates on issues such as illegal immigration in Pittsburgh consisting mainly on interviews with illegal immigrants, activists, politicians, economists and family members. All documentary projects were school related. Along with my experience in the technical media field, I would like to focus my skills and knowledge through photography documentation on stories around Pratt, Brooklyn, New York City or anywhere else I may find an interesting lead. I anticipate this independent study to be both educating and rewarding as a way of revealing the true nature of photojournalism before entering the field. >Credentials<

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